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1953  Born in Nagano Prefecture




Currently 2016.4 ~

         Vice President, Tokyo University of the Arts, Director,

         Professo1979  B.F.A.,


1993  Associate Professor, Meisei University (~'94)

1995  Instructor, Oil painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

2006~Professor , Oil painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

2002~He visits America as a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports,

         Science and Technology research worker abroad,

         In order to inquire about the new possibility

         of the environmental art installation

         of the United States and Europe.(~'03)


1981   M.F.A. in Painting,

1984  Completed Doctoral Program coursework,

         Tokyo University of the Arts

Exhibitions and Awards

1982  “Paris Biennale” Paris Citizen Museum of Art, Paris

1983  “Material and Space” Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka
         “Japan Art Now” Switzerland National History Museum,

         Rath Museum Geneva

1985  “The 3rd International Sculpture Biennale”

         Sukironio Museum, Athens

1986  “Japan Art Now”

         Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

1989  “The Space: Material, Tension, Vacancy

         in Japanese Contemporary Art”

         The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

1992  “Yui no Kourando Project” Nagano

         〈Japan Architecture and Craft Corporation Prize〉

1994  “Chiba Art Now” Sakura Citizen Museum, Chiba Pref.

1997  “Japan Art Now” National Contemporary Museum of Seoul, Korea

1998  “Pan Pacific Contemporary Art” Furou Citizen Museum, China
         “Human, Nature and Prayer-Image of Trees in Japanese Art”

         Shinano Art Museum, Nagano
         “Dusseldorf fine arts CONTACT exhibition”

         Dusseldorf Art Museum, Germany

1999  “Group exhibition” KOBAYASHI art gallery, Tokyo('00, '01)

2000  “Man, nature, and a prayer in Japan” Shinano Museum,“

         Niigata Tsumari triennial”Niigata

2001  “HERE” Gallery Mouri, Tokyo

         “The place of generating / Drawing” The university art museum

2002  10th RANTAN of The East Eipec in L.A

         California Univ. Los Angeles Gallery U.S.A

2003  2nd NIIGATA House that transforms" Exhibition, Matsudai, Niigata

2004  “COTO NO TOI” Exhibition, Hirakusi denchyuu house, Tokyo
         “VOICE OF SITE” SAKAMOTO Elementary school, Tokyo

2005  “VOICE OF SITE” SVA Gallery N.Y, U.S.A
         “Sustainable Art Exhibition” Tokyo University of the Arts
         “DEAI” Exhibition, Soul Metropolitan Museum, Korea
         2nd Chengdu Biennale “Century and Utopia” 

         Chengdu Contemporary Museum, China

2006  “COTO NO KIKOE” - Sustainable Art Exhibition-

         Tokyo University of the Arts

         “SUICH” Keio University

         Solo show, Gallery Omotesando, Gallery Mori, Tokyo

2007  “COTO NO BA” - Sustainable Art Exhibition- , Iwasaki house, Tokyo

         “tradition and contemporary“ -Sumi tansyoku no Sekai-

         SAKAMOTO Elementary school, Tokyo

         “nichibotu kara ten” Art Park of Tomi City, Nagano

         “documenta-ten” Raiousya

2008  “International Media Art Biennale” Beijing, China

         “tradition and contemporary“ -「SUCCESSION,DEDUCE,SOAK」




         The university art museum, Tokyo

         “Estuary project“ participated in the symposium

         (DanielBuren, Philippe Dagen, Jean de loisy,

         Richard Deacon, Jimnie Durham,Tadasi Kawamata,

          Jan Hoet, Hoshina Toyomi )

         “VIEW OF IKAI” The university art museum, Tokyo

         Solo Exhibition, Gallery Omotesando, Tokyo
         “KIOKU, JOUTAI” Art Museum of Jiangxi Normal University


         Art Museum of National Taiwan University of Arts

         Exhibition of “KI NO DESIGN” Wakita Museum of Art, Nagano

         The Busan Biennale “NOW ASIAN ARTIST” Busan, Korea
         “Art and Environment"The Museum of University of Hawaii, USA


         “The Story of the Island” The Island of Shodo, Kagawa

         “Japan GTS ART PROJECT” (Executive Director) 

         Tokyo University of the Arts
         “Syouou, Jun nou” Rusorun Gallrey, Seoul, Korea

2011  Solo Exhibition (Busan University Art Museum, Korea)

         Solo exhibition "Akihiko Takami Planning"

         -7 stories for installation-

         Omotesando Gallery, Tokyo

         "Tradition and Contemporary Exhibition" Planning Production

         Tokyo University of the Arts Showroom

         Solo Exhibition, K Gallery, Korea

         "Disaster Reconstruction Assistance Work Exhibition"Tokyo

         "The 2nd contemporary writer of ink by Watakana"

         Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum

         "Painting Thinking Exhibition"Tokyo

         "Paper non-paper exhibition"

         Central Art Gakuin Museum of Art, Beijing, China


         Shodoshima, Kagawa

         "Ueno Royal Museum's grand prize exhibition"

         invitation exhibition

         Ueno Royal Museum, Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum,

         Aichi Prefectural Art Museum Tour

2012  "Paper non-paper exhibition "

         Central Art Gakuin Museum of Art, Beijing, China

         "Ueno Royal Museum's grand prize exhibition"

         invitation exhibition

         Ueno Royal Museum, Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum

         Aichi Prefectural Art Museum Tour

         "Chinese-Japanese Cultural Exchange Agency"

         "Kyoto Ryo Shou" Movie Starring

2013  "there is here, here is there"

         Umeno Memorial Painting Museum, Nagano

         Solo exhibition "there is here, here is there"

         "Here and he, he instantly"

         Seki Art Museum, Taipei

         Solo exhibition "there is here, here is there"

         Dhaka, Bangladesh

2014  "Mitsukoshi×Geidai Summer Art Festival 2014"

         "Exploring borderless current art expression" Tokyo

         "Ichihara Biennale Exhibition"-3D Sanshui Painting Project-

         Lakeside Art Museum, Chiba

         "Modern Ink Art Exhibition"Kobe MUSEUM

         "Qingdao Japan, China, South Korea, Sculpture Exhibition", China

2015  "Ueno Royal Museum grand prize exhibition"

         Invitation exhibition

         Ueno Royal Museum,Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum,

         Aichi Prefectural Art Museum Tour

         "Tsumari-Triennale, Beaux-Arts and

         Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Joint Project"

2016  "Light of Darkness - Black Light" Nanjing Art Museum

         "Bangladesh BIENNALLE" Bangladesh

         Solo Exhibition "Mark"

         Shanghai Painting and Carving Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2017  "FAN Art Museum"Okayama

         "International art joint CICAGO - TOKYO project"

         - From nature in the east to the narrative -"The rainy season"

         Hikita, Kagawa

         "The 2nd Sky Art Festival" [House to hear rain sound]

         Tomi, Nagano

         "Dimensions of the Paper" Nanjing, China

         "International Watercolor Exhibition"- Taiwan 2017

         "Taiwan International Watercolor Exhibition" Taiwan

         "Seeing Through the Garden, -Perspectives of Nature

         From East and West" Kagawa

         "Tokyo University of the Arts 130th Anniversary Exhibition"

         Mitsukoshi, Tokyo

         "House for listening to rain sound"

         Sengoku garden museum, Hiroshima

         Dhaka University Lecture (Bangladesh)

         [Environment and art] Lecture, University of Hawaii, USA

2018~"Setouchi International Art Festival"

         Panorama Museum Reproduction Project

2018  "Cities and Regions"Chicago Art University

         Solo exhibition "Black Light" Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo

         Hong Kong Art Fair

         "The 3rd TENKU art festival"-Black rain BIO FHOTON- 

         Tomi, Nagano

         "TOYOMI HOSHINA EXHIBITION"Spring Art Museum, Shanghai

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